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Scandinavian LLC provides a variety of home building products and services from Design & Engineering, Delivery of Home Packages, and complete turn key Custom Homes.

At Scandinavian we are very environmentally conscious, our designs and products produce very “Green” energy efficient homes in a variety of building styles. Scandinavian is privileged to have been selected to the United States Green Building Council’s Pilot Program in Washington DC. Our “Green Building” style of home is not only environmentally friendly and very energy efficient, they are extremely solid, coining our phrase of “Build it Once, Live Forever.”

Forging Ahead

Durability and sustainability are at the heart of everything we do, from design and selection of materials to production processes and installation and maintenance services.

The northern close-grained timber used in our products has been in high demand for centuries, in both Finland and abroad. Over the years, it has been the material of choice for a wide range of customers and uses, ranging from battleships of the Royal Navy to today’s demanding Asian markets.